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Hedge Trimming

My love for hedge trimming spurred me to start this business. The recovery of Kelowna’s many abandoned hedges concerns me from a practical perspective as much as the aesthetic. Properly cared for, hedges provide natural privacy, noise suppression, and a green space for urban areas. However, if these hedges are left without maintenance, they can grow to become a major headache such as a potential fire hazard or a home for pests. That’s before considering the eyesore from snow damaged broken branches or improper reductions. The cost effective solution is annual or biannual hedge trimming and cleaning. Every visit to a property allows me to control its growth, clean out the collected thatch (dead internal material from previous prunings or natural dieback), and keep the hedge from becoming an expensive problem.

Stump Removal

After a tree or shrub has been removed the stump still remains and if left to rot naturally it can be years before it disappears. If the irregularity of a stump in your yard is not enough to warrant its eventual removal, the rotting wood can lead to pest infestations if the stump is too close to your home which justifies a speedy solution. Stumps and surface roots are also tripping hazards and the bane of lawn mowers across the Okanagan. These landscaping headaches demand removal whether by grinding below grade or digging out entirely. The size of the stump doesn’t matter; no job is too small, too big, or too far from the road. Since Acorn Urban Forestry Inc. specializes in stump removal, I have the flexibility to remove any stump you can point out. The stump grinder has tracks for better stability on hills and the capability to tackle most suburban backyard layouts. For those few situations where the stump is inaccessible to the grinder, shovels and axes are always close at hand.